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Affirmations :
you are worthy

you are valuable

you are wanted

you are needed

you are special

you are unique

you matter

your contributions matter

you help people

you inspire people

you love people

you motivate people

you educate people

you benefit people

you create happiness

you create success

you create meaning

you create possibility

people want you

people need you

people respect you

people admire you

people love you

you love yourself

you admire yourself

you appreciate yourself

you like yourself

you take care of yourself

you benefit yourself

people appreciate you

I am worthy

I am valuable

I am wanted

I am needed

I am special

I am unique

I matter

my contributions matter

I help people

I inspire people

I love people

I motivate people

I educate people

I benefit people

I create happiness

I create success

I create meaning

I create possibility

people want me

people need me

people respect me

people admire me

people love me

I love myself

I admire myself

I appreciate myself

I like myself

I take care of myself

I benefit myself

people appreciate me

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