You Are Gorgeous – Speed Up Subliminal Results (Audio + Visual)
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Watch in HD. Headphones/Earphones are optional. Use this subliminal video often to increase joy. Watch and listen for best results. You can still get results from just watching or just listening if that’s more convenient for you. This subliminal video has both text and audio affirmations. Set to a comfortable volume. Use at least once a day until no longer needed.

Text Affirmations :
I am beautiful

I have a gorgeous face

I have a gorgeous body

I have gorgeous posture

I attract sexy attention

people admire me

people desire me

people want me

I have a gorgeous figure

I have gorgeous hair

I have gorgeous eyes

I have a gorgeous smile

I am beautiful

I have a beautiful face

I have a beautiful body

I have a beautiful smile

I have beautiful posture

I have beautiful eyes

I have a beautiful voice

I have a beautiful presence

I have a gorgeous presence

I have gorgeous energy

I have beautiful energy

people love talking to me

people love looking at me

people love thinking about me

people love dreaming about me

people love fantasizing about me

I capture the attention of crowds

heads turn whenever I walk into a room

I create sexual desire wherever I go

I create powerful energy wherever I go

I am sexually magnetic

I am sexually attractive

I radiate powerful sex charisma

I radiate powerful love charisma

I radiate powerful sex energy

I radiate powerful love energy

I radiate powerful sex magnetism

I radiate powerful love magnetism

You are beautiful

You have a gorgeous face

You have a gorgeous body

You have gorgeous posture

You attract sexy attention

people admire you

people desire you

people want you

You have a gorgeous figure

You have gorgeous hair

You have gorgeous eyes

You have a gorgeous smile

You are beautiful

You have a beautiful face

You have a beautiful body

You have a beautiful smile

You have beautiful posture

You have beautiful eyes

You have a beautiful voice

You have a beautiful presence

You have a gorgeous presence

You have gorgeous energy

You have beautiful energy

people love talking to you

people love looking at you

people love thinking about you

people love dreaming about you

people love fantasizing about you

You capture the attention of crowds

heads turn whenever You walk into a room

You create sexual desire wherever You go

You create powerful energy wherever You go

You are sexually magnetic

You are sexually attractive

You radiate powerful sex charisma

You radiate powerful love charisma

You radiate powerful sex energy

You radiate powerful love energy

You radiate powerful sex magnetism

You radiate powerful love magnetism

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