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Affirmations :
I have powerful intuition

I have strong intuition

my intuition is strong

my intuition is accurate

my intuition is powerful

my intuition is timeless

my intuition is wise

my intuition is intelligent

my intuition is always with me

my intuition is always with me

my intuition always guides me

my intuition always supports me

my intuition always shows me

my intuition is ancient

my intuition is infinite

my intuition is subtle

I love my intuition

I respect my intuition

I appreciate my intuition

I obey my intuition

I listen to my intuition

I commune with my intuition

I follow my intuition

You have powerful intuition

You have strong intuition

your intuition is strong

your intuition is accurate

your intuition is powerful

your intuition is timeless

your intuition is wise

your intuition is intelligent

your intuition is always with you

your intuition is always with you

your intuition always guides you

your intuition always supports you

your intuition always shows you

your intuition is ancient

your intuition is infinite

your intuition is subtle

You love your intuition

You respect your intuition

You appreciate your intuition

You obey your intuition

You listen to your intuition

You commune with your intuition

You follow your intuition

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